What goods to donate

Our charity shops always need donations

Have a clear-out and take your donations to your local Shared Space charity shop during opening hours.  We can turn your unwanted things into cash to help people in your local area.

How to donate

Drop items off at a Shared Space charity shop near you. Please don’t leave donations outside the shop when we are closed as they could be stolen or damaged by the weather. If you have a large number of items to donate (equivalent to over 7 dustbin bags) your local store may be able to collect from you. Please contact them to ask.

Are you a company?

Are you a company that would like to donate end-of-line or surplus stock or samples? We would love to hear from you. Please contact your nearest shop so we can discuss this with you.

What happens to your donations

At Shared Space we work hard to raise as much money as possible from every item you give us. Your unwanted items could be resold in our shops and online, reused or recycled by our volunteer sorters – all these things will help local people.

Donations we can sell

We are looking for clean and saleable goods. The better the quality, the more money we can raise to plough back into the local area.

  • Clothes (ladies’, men’s and children’s)
  • Bags, shoes and accessories
  • Small electrical items
  • Valuable items (these are sold by our ebay team in order to raise more money)
  • Toys and games
  • Homeware (china, kitchenware, ornaments, pictures, collectables)
  • Books
  • Homeware (cooking and dining)
  • Pictures
  • Jewellery
  • CDs, DVDs, vinyl
  • Musical instruments

Our volunteers are ready to receive your donations.

Find a Donation Point

Donations we can’t sell

Unfortunately, there are some items we can’t accept for health and safety, legal or other reasons.

  • Anything broken, dirty, incomplete or unsafe
  • Furniture
  • Larger household electricals (things that go on the floor rather than a table)
  • Old style TV’s
  • Safety equipment including cycle helmets, crash helmets.
  • Car seats
  • Video and audio tapes
  • Gas appliances
  • Knives or weapons


If in doubt, please ask your local Shared Space shop before donating.