Volunteer with us

All kinds of people are joining our growing family of volunteers

As part of the team you could be…

  • working with eBay team

  • sorting and pricing donations

  • serving the public

  • creating retail displays

  • volunteer driver

  • helping with admin

  • specialising in books or another dept

People of all ages and backgrounds volunteer with us and we can offer hours and roles to suit your week. You don’t need qualifications and we will provide training as you go.

You could gain all sorts of skills: communication skills, work experience, meet new people, boost confidence, give something back to the local community…

Our charity shops are local community hubs, bringing people together and making a real difference in their local area.

There’s something for everyone, and we’ll match your skills and interests to our needs to find a role you enjoy. You can apply in your nearest shop or online.

And we will be in touch to discuss the opportunities or you could speak to the manager in one of our shops.

Visit one of our shops or…

Apply Now

and we will be in touch to chat about the right volunteering opportunity for you.