Michelle – Shift Leader

Michelle – Shift Leader

I got involved through a friend and progressed!

Location: Shared Space, Southchurch
Hobby: My hobbies are singing (awfully!) and helping others.
Working Days: Three shifts a week

    I got involved through a friend and progressed!

    First impressions of volunteering?

    First impressions of volunteering is giving something back to the community and meeting new people.

    Why did you volunteer?

    I decided to volunteer so I had a purpose in life, I am a recovering alcoholic and I need to have a reason for getting up each day.

    What do you do on an average shift?

    I will serve the customers, open up the shop, sort bags of donations clean around the shop and chat with the customer and other volunteers.

    What is your favourite thing about volunteering?

    My favourite thing about volunteering is meeting new people, which will help my confidence and to do things out of my comfort zone.

    What difference has volunteering made to you?

    The difference volunteering has done for me is it has really built up my confidence and wow I’m a shift leader which I never dreamt I would ever be. I love the volunteers and I get along with everyone. (I hope!)

    Michelle says, “If I can do this, then anyone can.”

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