Ray Crudgington – Trustee

Ray Crudgington – Trustee

I have been involved in a number of churches over the years, in Southend and before that in London. Currently I’m at Church from Scratch, looking for ways to make following Jesus more fun and less religious!

Location: Visiting shops and hanging out with some Shared Space volunteers at Church from Scratch!
Experience: Extensive experience managing people, projects and advising on the legal aspects. I have been a trustee of other charities in the past as well.
Hobby: Season ticket holder at Southend United. Two-time marathon runner. Cycling.
Working Days: Volunteer work off site.

    Why did you get involved?

    I was pleased to be asked to become a trustee because I have seen what a huge force for good Shared Space is for its customers, staff and volunteers– I want to help do it more and do it even better!


    Shared Space is more than just charity shops isn’t it? There are genuine opportunities for people to volunteer and build up their own confidence by serving others in the community, and to find a sense of belonging.

    Any hopes for the future?

    I’d like to see more shops under the Shared Space umbrella, with more volunteering opportunities, and to see how we can be an even greater force for good in the City….and maybe beyond.

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