Peter Dominey – Trustee

Peter Dominey – Trustee

Peter has been involved in Shared Space from its inception.

Location: Working across the Shared Space stores
Experience: 30 years of innovating new Christian initiatives
Hobby: Renovating houses, IT, photography and bread-making
Working Days: Various

    We started dreaming about starting Shared Space back in 2008 – and it’s good to look back and see how it is becoming a growing network of Christian charity shops working with local people for the good of the town – literally hundreds of lives have been touched!

    Why did you get involved?

    As a leader of Church from Scratch I have always felt called to serve the town as well as to serve the church. All those years ago when we came up with the idea of Shared Space it seemed to be a God inspired moment. I knew I had to be involved, so I dived in along with a brilliant team.

    What do you do as a trustee

    I chair the trustees and lead the development of the charity. I’m keen to see Shared Space touch even more local lives through the launching of new stores and growing programmes to support our volunteers.

    What is a highlight for you of being part of Shared Space?

    Two things stand out for me:
    – expressing my Christian faith in such practical and life-giving ways.
    – being part of a large and diverse team of volunteers which includes ex-homeless people, retired folk, member of my own and other churches, people with disabilities, ex-offenders doing rehabilitation work, Muslims and Mum’s building up their confidence to return to work – I could go on but you get the idea of the huge diversity!

    Any hopes for the future?

    I’m keen to play my part in opening more Shared Space charity shops. It is such a good way to mobilise a community to come together for good and it needs to grow.

    Peter says, “I can’t keep away from Shared Space! Love it! And I hope Jesus does as well!”

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