Katie – shop floor volunteer

Katie – shop floor volunteer

Katie heard about Shared Space through her school which encourages all their pupils to get involved in volunteering. We were handy and close and a good match for Katie who wanted to give something back to Southend.

Location: Shared Space, Southchurch
Experience: First time volunteering in a charity shop
Hobby: Guitar, psychology, and my dog called Holly
Working Days: One shift a week

    I was thinking of getting a Saturday job and heard about Shared Space. I went in to the Southchurch shop and asked the same day at lunchtime and started with Shared Space two weeks later.

    First impressions of volunteering?

    It was really welcoming and felt a nice place to be with positive vibes and it was bright and cheery. I was taken through an induction where they explained how the shop runs and what to do in different scenarios.

    Why did you volunteer?

    I have always been passionate about charity and helping people. Shared Space provided an opportunity to meet new people and give something back whilst building up my CV. So, I went down to Shared Space, Southchurch and enquired about volunteering.

    What do you do on an average shift?

    I work in a team of 5 on our shift and we all have different jobs and we keep switching round the work to keep it interesting. There are three of us from different colleges on our shift.  I often price and sort donations, tidy and keep the shop organised.

    We sometimes close the shop for a couple of hours and do volunteer training. There were 25 of us volunteers at the last one, lots of banter and fun.

    What is your favourite thing about volunteering?

    Shared Space helps me escape from daily life, it’s like a lively respite doing something different, and it lifts my mood.

    What difference has volunteering made to you?

    I’ve met people and it’s helped me to be more open. I’d now like to travel abroad and meet yet more people and experience other cultures whilst continuing my charity work in other countries, maybe in volunteering to help people with mental health concerns.

    Katie says, “I’ve met lots of people.”

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