Julie Eady – Finance Administrator

Julie Eady – Finance Administrator

Julie was recruited to develop the finance systems so Shared Space can continue to grow.

Location: off-site
Experience: many years in finance administration and book-keeping
Hobby: gardening
Working Days: various

    I have always had a heart for making a difference and was already involved with a charity called Christians Against Poverty (C.A.P.), helping people to get to grips with their household budgets and avoid getting into debt. When the opportunity came up to work for Shared Space it just seemed a good fit for who I am.

    Why did you get involved?

    I already knew about Shared Space’s work and when I heard on the grapevine that they were looking to appoint a finance administrator, I jumped at the opportunity. I was up for the challenge.

    I love the concept of Shared Space and being part of the team.

    What do you do as the Finance Administrator?

    I’ve implemented a new book-keeping system to give the trustees and store managers the information they need to do their work. I also look after various aspects of the premises.

    What are some of your impressions of Shared Space?

    It helps people grow in confidence, ability and skills. It gives them the opportunity to get going in life both through the volunteering and grants that are given away each month to support other local projects, people and organisations.

    Any hopes for the future?

    I would like to see Shared Space growing into a larger network of charity shops, providing opportunities throughout and beyond the area.

    Julie says, “The dress I bought from Shared Space had so many good comments!”

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