Edina – shop floor volunteer

Edina – shop floor volunteer
Location: Shared Space, Southchurch, Southend
Hobby: I have no time/ possibility to do all my hobbies unfortunately. I love movies, music, singing, arts and crafts, reading, theatre, badminton, yoga, gardening and the list could go on…

    I used to walk on Southchurch Road every day and I saw the advert  “Volunteers needed” in the window. It was before the store was opened. There was an  email address and I wrote to Shared Space.  They gave me an opportunity to work here.

     Why did you volunteer?

    I am learning English now at the Southend Adult Community College three times a week. There we do not have enough time to practice our language skills. I wanted to find another opportunity where I can speak more in everyday life.

    What do you do on an average shift?

    I sort donations, some goes to be sold, some goes to rubbish. After that I steam and price them and put out in the store. I do stock rotation and sometimes I paint small items of furniture if it is necessary.

    What is your favourite thing about volunteering?

    The welcome and the choices of different things to do.

    What difference has volunteering made to you?

    I speaking  more confidently then before I came to work to the Shared Space. I learned not just new words but how does charity shop work as well. I hope this experience will open potentials to get a  job in the UK.

    Edina says, “Learning never exhausts the mind.” (Leonardo da Vinci)

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