Shared Space Westcliff’s latest grant of £100 will provide homeless people with ‘suspended toasties and coffees’ at Anke’s coffee shop at 555 London Road, Westcliff.  The volunteers in the charity shop were unanimous in wanting to help Westliff’s poor and homeless people in this way – the second time the shop has provided suspended meals for local homeless people.

A ‘suspended meal’ is where you buy a coffee or some food in advance for someone else, who can not afford it themselves, to claim later.  They don’t have to prove anything to claim one: the scheme relies on the good faith of everyone involved.  Suspended meals help people without the money, who are often homeless, to have a good experience and for others to play their part in being generous.

In the photo John and Frank enjoy a suspended coffee from Shared Space at Anke’s.

Next time you fancy a coffee you could pop into Anke’s and as well as getting your caffeine fix, it could also give you a chance to do a small good deed. When you buy that coffee you could also pay for a second one to be claimed by someone who cannot afford it themselves.

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