Church from Scratch is a young, playful church looking for its next adventure. They want to play their small part in improving Southend for all.

As Church from Scratch dreams and prays about establishing a shared space in Southend, they realise the God who flows out with love into his world wants them to do the same. And they want to respond to this amazing God…

The church discerns priorities for Shared Space which include:

  • prioritising those who rarely win and those found on the margins of society and at the centre of Jesus’ work.
  • doing something with Southend rather than doing something for her – and they decide to put volunteering at the heart of this shared space.
  • a self-sustaining project – not reliant on the ongoing resources of a very poor church, though that church gives generously to start the project.
  • avoiding uncritical copying of existing Christian approaches – innovation is needed.

A working group explores the possibilities and settles on renting a retail space in Southend and shaping it into a community project.

A working title and strapline are adopted: Shared Space: the people of Southend + Church from Scratch.

All agree to build on the four Church from Scratch values which are:

We value Jesus at the Centre: doing it his way; changing as we follow him deeper; relying on him; recognising we’re a little bit of his world wide church; realising Jesus’ Spirit is at work now.

We value Building Community: building real and loving relationships as we rely on each other; growing up in faith together; giving our community away to others.

We value All people: moving wider to all; encouraging participation by all; standing up with those who need us.

We value Living life to the full: finding Jesus in all parts of life; holding on to faith as we take risks; helping each other to grow into the full and unique people God wants.

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