Volunteer FAQ

Frequently asked volunteering questions

Can I have a trial period?

As a potential volunteer you could ask to do a trial shift to see how it goes for you and for us. It is a fun way to come and find out what it is all about.

What will I do as a volunteer?

Our volunteers take on many different roles including: stock processing, volunteer driver,pricing, customer service, administration, window displays, retail assistant, ebay, fundraising, maintenance, and so on. Often people do more than one role.

What support will I get?

When you first start you will get an induction. We will introduce you to other volunteers and staff and definitely show you where the kettle is!

You will always have a member of staff who is directly responsible for you and who will offer on-going support.

You will be able to attend volunteer meetings where you can meet other volunteers and staff and learn more about what else Shared Space is doing.

Will I be offered any training?

We will provide training on how to carry out your role and to help you develop. For example, if you are volunteering in a shop you may be given training in how to sort and prepare donations or how to use the till. We can also signpost you to various organisations if you want to get a qualification.

What will I get out of it?

Yes lots!
That’s what our amazing volunteers tell us!

In the volunteering section is more information on the many benefits of volunteering with us and what motivates people to join us.

And don’t forget to ask our volunteers why they do it.

Can I volunteer if I am disabled?

Yes, we have deaf people, people with learning difficulties and other needs all volunteering with us. We welcome applications from disabled people.

Where can I volunteer?

See where our shops are on the website. We also have roles independent of our shops for which high skill levels are needed.

Can my work team volunteer?

We can offer challenging team activities which will build your corporate team whilst progressing our mission.

If you’re interested in volunteering in a group as part of your company’s corporate social responsibility programme, please contact us info@charityshop.co

What age do I need to be?

You can volunteer in a Shared Space shop from the age of 16 and we also have volunteers with us who are enjoying their retirement.

How do I apply to be a volunteer?

Apply right now through this website here.

Or speak with the manager in one of our shops by phone, email or visiting.
Find a shop here

Can I apply if I've never worked?

And we realise you may be nervous.

We can train you.
Volunteering can be a great way to develop.
This is at the heart of what Shared Space is about.

How many hours a week can I volunteer?

Our volunteers typically work in shifts – a morning or an afternoon. Some do one shift and some do several.

I am looking for work and on benefits, does this mean I can’t volunteer or only for limited hours?

We understand that you can volunteer for as many hours as you want as long as you are activiely looking for employment and are available for work and interviews. If you have problems about this with Jobcentre then get the name of the member of staff who advised you and we will support you in putting it right with them.

Do you have volunteers on back to work and similar schemes?


We are passionate about offering dignified and rewarding placements which treat you as an equal.

We are disappointed at some of the poor quality schemes that have been provided by the state and their providers.

What if I have a criminal record?

Having a criminal record is not necessarily a barrier to volunteering with us. We ask that you disclose the details of this to the shop manager at the time of applying, in a confidential setting.

We are proud to work with people on ‘community work orders’ through probation and with ex-offenders.

Visit one of our shops or…


and we will be in touch to chat about the right volunteering opportunity for you.