The goods were coming in, the money was going out and everybody was smiling in 2017 as Shared Space grew. Read more in our annual report.

In the picture, four of our volunteers with Store Manager, Helen Watts at the Shared Space annual celebration and AGM.

In 2017 Shared Space had a record year for donation of goods enabling us to support many project right across Southend and the local area – teams of volunteers were busy throughout the year, allocating our Boost Fund Grants, bringing change and building community.

The stores worked hard to increase the number and quality of life-changing volunteering opportunities we provided. We celebrated in sending some volunteers off into employment, and provided a supportive community and home for many others.

We continued to work in close partnership with Church from Scratch (founder of Shared Space) and Belle Vue Baptist Church and many other local organisations.

And at the very heart of Shared Space, we continued to support and work with people from many walks of life.

After strong growth in 2017 and fully establishing the now three existing stores, plans are being made made for the fourth store to open in 2018.

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