The Shared Space eBay store sell their first item on 28th May 2014: a pair of “Women’s Brown CLARKE’s Leather Ankle Boots. UK size 5 1/2” for £8.99

Since that first small step, 20+ people have volunteered in eBbay which has grown into the second Shared Space store.

At first eBay runs from a small desk in the corner which is replaced by a large storeroom in 2015 and then in 2017 a large office is also added so up to four volunteers can work at the same time.  Now eBay sells thousands of items a year.

The eBay volunteers learn skills in:

  • computing
  • business
  • literacy
  • digital photography
  • stock handling
  • postroom
  • team work

At the time of writing the Shared Space eBay store has 2,743 positive feedback comments.

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